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In our August 2007 Newsletter Issue, it was mentioned starting with our
November 2007 issue we would launch our "Client Of The Month" program.

The "Client Of The Month" is a unique opt-in referral program that rewards
clients for referring someone to us. What makes this referral program
unique, is that it is a reward program with a human interest side. These are
real stories that our clients have told us and allow us to share in our
newsletters. While some of the stories we hear are gruesome, some have
happy endings, and many are thought provoking. We have many of these

Be become eligible for "Client Of The Month" you only need to be a client of
RJ Insurance Services, and have referred one person to us. Use the form
below to opt into the program. If we use your experience in one our
newsletters, you will receive a gift card as our way of saying, thanks!

Please be assured that we will never use your full name or any other
personal information about you. We will only use your initials and city.
Use this form to opt into our client of the month program. Your personal information will never
be used or distribute to any third party.
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