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Do I Need Cancer

No one likes to think about getting
cancer. However according to the
American Cancer Society in 2005 1
in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will
contract some form of cancer.
Cancer is a reality of life today, in
fact most of us know someone who
has either had cancer or died of this
dreadful disease. So the question is;
Will your finances survive cancer

Cancer may not be preventable, but
cancer insurance can help protect
your assets. How? Many health
insurance plans do not cover all
cancer treatments, this often results
in one having to dip into their savings
or investments to cover treatment
cost, not to mention the time lost from
work to recover. Cancer insurance
pays you a benefit that can be used
for both medical and non-medical
expenses. It protect your family from
financial hardship, so you can
concentrate on the most important
thing...  Getting well.

There are many types of cancer
insurance policies available. There
are lump sum plans. These policies
pay a lump sum upon first
occurrence, and can range from
$5,000 to $50,000 or more when first
diagnosed with life threatening
cancer. Other plans pay a benefit for
cancer-related treatments, including
Hospital Confinement, Hospice Care,
Intensive Care, Cancer Screening
and more. If you would like to know
more about cancer insurance, give
us a call or click th link below for a
free quote.

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How Does Disability
Insurance Work?

Protects your most valuable asset
and your ability to earn an
income.Statistics were obtained from
Commissioner's Disability Tables and
the Senate Finance Committee.
Disability insurance pays cash
benefits to the policyholder in the
event the insured is unable to work
due to sickness or injury. That cash
benefit ranges from 50% to 70% of

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Prune Investments For
Best Growth

The wise follow the lead of
professional money managers: sell
the slackers and redeploy the money
into better options.  Don’t forget: bad
investments drop faster and recover
slower.  The sooner you snip the
sappers, the faster will be the fruitful

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Client Of The Month

In our August 2007 Newsletter Issue,
it was mentioned starting with our
November 2007 issue we would
launch our "Client Of The Month"

The "Client Of The Month" is a
unique opt-in referral program that
rewards clients for referring someone
to us. What makes this referral
program unique? It is a reward
program with a human interest side.
Consider the story of this month's
winner, G.L. of Glendale, CA:

G.L. is a married father of 2. In
November 2006 we helped G.L. with
the purchase of a Term Life Policy
with a Disability Rider. He writes:"I
needed life insurance, but we didn't
have much money in our budget. My
agent recommended I get life
insurance with the optional disability
attached, since my wife is a stay at
home mom. Although I didn't think we
could afford it, I went ahead with it.

Earlier this year G.L. was seriously
inquired in a car accident. He was
unable to work, and because State
Disability only paid 55% of his salary,
his family suffered financially. "I
called my agent to let him know we
would not be able to keep our life
insurance policy," he says. "He
reminded me of the disability option
on my policy. He brought over a claim
form, then had it processed, and
within two weeks I received a very
timely check. He also called me
several times to see how I was doing
and if we needed anything. I don't
know if you provide this level of
service to everyone, but I will tell
everyone I know about you."

G.L. is doing fine, and he is back at
work. Because he has recommended
us, two of his co-workers have
purchased insurance policies
through us and three other have
expressed interest. We are rewarding
G.L. not only for recommending us,
but also for allowing us to tell his
story with a $100 gift card to Outback
Steakhouse. Thanks G.L.!

If you would like to find out more
about our Client Of The Month
program, click on the link below.

Client Of The Month